Faveit (pronounced “Fave”-it) is a tool to discover, save and share all your favorite places and things, in your local neighborhood, and beyond.

Find the closest, best-rated places anywhere you happen to be.  Save and share the locations and photos of all your favorites - restaurants, bars, stores – anything you may want to recommend to others and remember later.

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Ever try to remember that great restaurant your friend told you about last week?

Where that place is that you just read about in that magazine? That store you just walked by after work? Even that movie your friend was just raving about? Faveit is a simple tool to help you remember and share all this, and more.

Who do you trust the most? Yourself (of course), and your friends. So remember all your favorites, get recommendations from your closest friends, and opt-in to tastemaker recommendations.

  • Curate your own faves in personalized categories.
  • See everything you and your friends have faved, nearby around you, wherever you are.
  • Discover the best places around you, curated from the most reputable “best of” lists.  All relevant to where you are, and what you are looking to do.
  • Post and tweet whatever you want, but only when and what you want.
  • And keep anything totally private, if you want.

Tap here to download the app using Apple iTunes or Google Play

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