Frequently Asked Questions

What is FaveIt?

FaveIt (short for “Favorite”) is a download app for your iPhone that allows you to remember whatever you think of, or come across, that you love or just can’t forget. Anything and everything can be a FaveIt – that store you passed by but didn’t have time to go in, that bar that you’ll never remember where it is, those sneakers you just bought, that great band you just heard on the radio, that lovely perfume you just tried, that dress in the magazine, the wine that your friend brought over, etc.. Just name it, and it’s a FaveIt.

How does Privacy work?

This App is, first and foremost, meant to be a personal utility. Therefore, your FaveIt’s are completely private. You can share them with friends, but only if you decide to.

I have a technical issue or support problem. How do I get help?

Please email us at support @ with your issue, and contact information. We do our best to reply back immediately.

Are you going to support other phones?

Right now we support both the iPhone and Android.  Others are in the works.

How much does the App cost?

The App is completely free. Just download it at the iTunes store.

How did you come up with the idea?

I’d always forget the things I liked the most – the name of that song that I hear on the radio last week, for example. Or I’d see an advertisement in a magazine that really peaked my interest, but then weeks later when I thought about it, I’d completely forgotton the name. Or, I’d want to go back to that awesome place that someone took me, or even heard someone talking about, but couldn’t for the life of me remember where it was. So I end up going to the same local spots all the time.
Relying on close friends for suggestions were totally welcome, but just not random people. I used to dread searching Netflix. Because I’d never remember that movie that my buddy said I needed to watch. Nevermind the TV’s shows that I overhead him saying he records religiously. For the life of me I can’t remember names of wine, and I’d always want to remember what I had already tried and liked.. Or just as good, see what my friend’s really liked. A friend would go to visit my place in Miami, and ask me if I knew the best kid-friendly places.
I just needed something simple to keep all this stuff, everything I didn’t want to forget, in one place, that was easy to reference.

Are you guys hiring?

We are always looking for good people. If you having value to add, please email jobs @

Jason Feingold

In 2002 Jason founded Acadaca, a successful boutique ecommerce agency based in New York. This self-funded, private venture currently serves about 50 well-known fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands. Prior to Acadaca, Jason co-founded two online companies that turned into 2 of the Top 500 Internet Retailers. He has a dual MBA and MIS Masters degree from Boston University, and an engineering degree from the University of Vermont.

Frank Weil

Frank is passionate about helping new and well establish brands reach their full potential.  Frank has served as Acadaca’s President and CEO for the past 5 years. During that time, the company has more than tripled in Revenue, Clients, and Employees.  Prior to Acadaca, Frank was the Director of Sales & Marketing for Havaianas, where he led their Sales and Marketing initiatives and managed their online presence. Frank has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Florida. He is also a member of the DMIX (Direct Marketers Idea Exchange)

Do you have an API or developers program?

As of now, no. We do have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working through. Please reach out to us via email at developers @ We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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